on how to find, restore and maintain a UK or European Classic Car of the Fifties and Sixties!!

So many iconic cars first saw the light of day during the Fifties and Sixties in the UK and Europe while demand and new car production hit record levels

This period was recognised as the peak of technical and design innovation for the car industry, led by the United States while the UK and Western Europe followed fast in their footsteps ( or tire tracks).

Constant advances in technology meant that cars were improving all the time in terms of appearance and performance.

Relative to the millions produced during the golden decade, very few survived. After around a decade of being pushed to the limits under the testing UK and European winters, most of these cars were taken out of circulation, hauled off to the breakers yard with just a relative handful remaining in a driveable condition- lovingly cared for by and gradually restored by devoted enthousiasts.

The majority of car owners in the UK and Western Europe looked on these classic car lovers with a mixture of derision or wonder- probably asking themsleves- why drive and old car when you can impress the neighbours with a brand new, gleaming, this year model example of characterless mass-production.

Of the few hundred thousand of an age gone by that survived in an undriveable, were stored in old buildings and lockups or even worse in the open air.and largely forgotten.

Those pioneers of car restoration took it upon themselves to save as many of these classic cars as they could from extinction whilst, at the same time, passing on the message by example that owning an older vehicle was far from a stigma.

The penny gradullay dropped among a growing number of people that taking on a classic car restoration would mean a source of tremendous joy and satisfaction.

Their message spread with thousands of car lovers catching the bug. Today restoring and owning a classic has become a passion shared by many, with a many more waiting in line for the time and opportunity to restore and cherish a classic car of their very own.

Taking on a major classic car restoration is rarely easy, with multiple challenges to be faced along the way.

The goal of My Classic Cars Blog is to provide those new to classic car restoration with an informative guide to help them plan their project, understand the stages involved, release their limitation so they can anticipate and avoid any potential pitfalls they are liable to encounter along the way.

For the countless thousands that have completed a classic car restoration, for the many more that are currently working on one and especially for those considering realising their dream in the future, Classic Car Info will continue to provide history, tips, tricks, terminology and news on all aspects of the wonderful world of classic cars.

Please join us in sharing this adventure- we hope you will enjoy our websites as much as we enjoy creating them.

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A guide to acquiring, restoring and maintaining UK or European Classic Cars of the Fifties and Sixties- as well as a recollection of the iconic cars of the era and the visionaries that produced them.

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