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Not everyone gets to own a  UK or European classic car from the Fifties and Sixties.  Estimates are that of the twenty or so million vehicles produced in Great Britain or Western Europe during these years, only a few hundred thousand remain.

Of that number, the vast majority have gone under some form or restoration and are the pride and joy of their owners, who may well have spent considerable sums of money and time to bring them back to pristine condition.

Some of these restored symbols of days gone by are rare collector items that are now rarely, if ever driven, instead  kept on display in museums or air- conditioned luxury as part of the  private collection of wealthy owners. 

A much larger number are the proud possession of the amateur restorer, who an elderly relative or friend might have even gifted their collector’s car might even have been gifted their collector' car by an elderly relative or friend.

These cars may well have been stored in lock-up garages, in fields under a tarpaulin or just left to fend for themselves against the rigours of UK and European weather conditions.

Nowadays, they are just driven over the weekends or special occasions, proudly displayed at car shows or owner's meetings.

A surprisingly low percentage of restored vehicles are used as “daily drivers". These cars have to be in good enough condition to face the challenges that modern motoring demands, despite possibly having first  rolled off the production line more than six decades previously.

My Classic Cars Maintenance is to provide those new to classic car restoration with an informative guide to help them plan their project, understand the stages involved, realise their limitations so they can avoid any pitfalls along the way.

For the countless thousands that have completed a classic car restoration, for the many more that are currently working on one and especially for those considering restoring a classic in the future, My Classic Car Info will continue to provide history, tips, tricks, terminology and news on all aspects of the wonderful world of classic cars.

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A guide to acquiring, restoring and maintaining UK or European Classic Cars of the Fifties and Sixties- as well as a recollection of the iconic cars of the era and the visionaries that produced them.